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Join a Team!

When most people think of volunteering at the MNA Disaster Response Warehouse they think of our Third Saturday Service Days. But did you know that there are opportunities for individuals and teams from churches to serve in an ongoing manner? To learn more about any of these opportunities, contact

  • Building Maintenance Team - The warehouse and training center is housed in a 15,000 square foot building that requires all the routine and periodic maintenance necessary for any commercial building. Gutters need to be cleaned out, exterior walls and sidewalks need to be pressure washed, and HVAC filters need to be replaced. We are looking for a team of volunteers that would develop and implement a plan to periodically perform building maintenance tasks. One key leader could build a team that would meet at their convenience to perform these tasks.

  • Relief Kit Team - We are looking for a volunteer that would organize and mobilize volunteers on regular Third Saturday Service Days to assemble and confirm contents of relief kits and prepare them for shipment. This time commitment is approximately one Saturday per month. One key leader could lead the efforts at our work days.

  • Sheds of Hope Team - Sheds of Hope is an MNA Disaster Response ministry that provides 8' x 8' wooden sheds to those who have been impacted by disaster and need a place to secure their belongings. Shed kits arrive at the warehouse from build sites and need to be tagged, inventoried, and shrink wrapped. One key leader could gather a team to perform these duties as shed kits arrive at the warehouse.

  • Tool Crib Team - The warehouse stocks chainsaws, generators, pressure washers and other gasoline-powered tools that need to be mission-ready. We are looking for a small team that would develop and implement a routine maintenance program for these tools and come in to service them at pre-determined intervals.

  • Cleaning Team - If you are unafraid of dust bunnies and toilet brushes, and have a heart for service, you might be an ideal candidate for our cleaning team. We are looking for a small team of volunteers who would regularly clean the office and training center area and periodically clean the warehouse area, including restrooms, laundry room, and shower room.

  • Lawn Care Team - We have a small group of dedicated volunteers who care for the lawn by mowing and trimming during the summer months. We need additional volunteers to join this team.

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