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Lawn Care at the Warehouse

Since the purchase of the warehouse property MNA Disaster Response has paid a local contractor to provide lawn care service on the property. In October, however, MNA DR was able to purchase a mower and have started maintaining the lawn themselves.

The mower is a Bobcat ZS4000 zero-turn stand-up model that will quickly and efficiently handle the approximately 1.25 acres that is mowed.

Arklie Hooten, MNA Disaster Response Director, noted that this mower should serve the warehouse for many years. Both Hooten and MNA Disaster Response Warehouse Manager, Mike Kennamer, have been trained to operate the unit and have both mowed the lawn since receiving the unit. Volunteers who wish to serve through lawn care of the warehouse may be trained as well.

"We treat this like any other piece of equipment that God has provided", said Kennamer. "In an effort to steward these gifts that God has provided through His people, we will take exceptional care of this mower by training those who use it to maintain it carefully and operate it safely."

If you are interested in serving MNA Disaster Response by helping to maintain the grounds (weedeating, mowing, gutter cleaning, tree trimming, etc.), contact Mike Kennamer at While this service to the ministry does not directly impact those who have been disrupted by natural disaster, it does free up Disaster Response staff to do their work.

It is expected that this mower will quickly pay for itself in lawn care savings.

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