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Maui Wildfire Update

From MNA Disaster Response Director, Arklie Hooten:

MNA Disaster Response always serves at the pleasure of the local PCA churches and PCA leadership. Currently, MNA doesn’t have a direct connection with anyone in the Lahaina Maui area. There are four PCA congregations in Honolulu, but those congregations are at least 100 miles away by boat or plane on an entirely different island.

In instances like this MNADR must work through the presbytery structure, meaning we work through the Presbytery of Northern California MNA Committee. We have reached out to the MNA Chairman and the Clerk of Presbytery and are waiting for a response as to how MNADR can come alongside. Further, FEMA has requested that agencies do not self-deploy to the area, which MNADR would never do under any circumstance without an invitation by the presbytery.

Please watch this site for further updates.

Photo courtesy of State Farm under Creative Commons license

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