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Serving Alongside the OPC in Neon, KY

MNA Disaster Response Director Arklie Hooten, Warehouse Manager Mike Kennamer, and Logistics Specialist Marty Huddleston recently transported equipment to Neon Reformed Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Neon, Kentucky to assist in the flood relief efforts there.

While there, Mike Kennamer trained seven OPC members in the use of a mini track loader and Arklie Hooten trained them on the use of a mud-out trailer.

Neon, which is a former coal mining town, is located in southeast Kentucky and received devastating flooding recently. But the water was not the only source of damage. One resident told Mike Kennamer, that boulders from a strip mine on the mountain above her house slid down the mountain and slammed into the back of her house, breaching the wall and entering the structure. Mud is everywhere.

MNA Disaster Response has offered additional resources to the OPC for this response. Since the town has limited space and no running water, it may take some time before they are able to take large groups of volunteers. However, they plan to start taking small groups of no more than ten soon. To learn more, visit the OPC Disaster Response website here:

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